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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Used Tires

Before you buy used tires, make sure to do your research. You should know what type of tire you need, the size, and the condition. 

Make sure the tires have at least 75% of their original air pressure. If they don't, you'll need to add air pressure before you use them. To get used tires and save money, you can also check this site-

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1. The first thing to take before purchasing tires is to check the dimensions. This information can be found in the door's driver's panel or the owner's manual. 

2. Be sure to look for uneven wear as well. Wear that is more obvious could cause the tire to look less slender on one side than on the opposite side. 

3. Check the inside of the tire. Check for evidence of prior repairs such as plugs or patches. If the tire is covered with excessive patches, remove it and find a new one. Tires that resemble Sieves won't save your cash. 

4. Check the tread's minimum depth with an empty penny. Flipping the penny upside down and slip it in between the treads. A used tire may be of value when the tread is close to above Lincoln's head. 

5. Check for any tears that could develop. For this, you need to move your fingers over the inner edge of the bead on the tire. The inner edges of tires must be smooth. 

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