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A Beginners Guide With 3D Model

If you are new to 3D modeling, getting started can be daunting. Many beginners eagerly open their new software, only to be turned away by the overwhelming complexity of the program.

Unfortunately, learning how to 3D model can be a complex and time-consuming task. Don’t give up, and persevere through the earliest stages. The results of your labor will be highly rewarding! It is highly recommended to get help from the 3D artist via

3D Model From Scratch: Start With The Basics

No matter which software you choose, all 3D models are composed of geometric shapes. Start by familiarizing yourself with the creation of simple shapes in your program of choice. Most likely, when you open the program, there will by default be a panel of “tools” which usually sits on the left of the screen. 

You will use some of these tools often, others rarely, or even never at all. Understanding what the tools do is necessary to succeed, but also not important when you first get started. Instead focus on a few basics: object creation and selection tools.

Quick Tip: 3D programs always leverage keyboard shortcuts to make repetitive tasks easier. Learn them and use them often!


At their core, all shapes are made out of vertices connected to form edges and at least three edges combined to create a shape. Learn how to select faces, edges, and vertices, then discover how to edit and manipulate those selections to create new and interesting shapes. 

Dimensions And Constraints

Understanding the dimensions of your 3D model can be difficult, but it’s important in any practical application of your model. Whether you are going to 3D print your model or use it within a computer game, movie, or static image, you will have to be mindful of creating things true to scale. 

Imagine trying to make a scene with a character sitting down on a chair, but the chair is unrealistically too small, or vice-versa. This would be an issue of not being aware of the dimensions you were designing when you created these models.

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