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Advantages of Paint Booth Designs

Paint booth devices typically refer to any type of structure that is designed to prevent contamination and unwanted air flow in areas involving painting. Over the years these technologies and industry has greatly improved. These products come in a variety of configurations ranging as small as a bench top paint booth or as big as an aircraft paint booth.

Since the term paint booth can be somewhat a board term there are a number of factors to consider when selecting the best paint booth for your application. You can visit if you are looking for table top paint booths in CA.

Paint booths offer a number of distinct advantages when used properly. Crossdraft Paint booths are very economical because they require the least amount of material. Paint booth type does not require a top plenum required in different types of paint booths.

Side draft paint booths are ideal for creating a pattern even air flow around the area of the painting. Style paint booth attract unwanted contaminates down and away from the finish. The disadvantage of these paint booths can be more expensive because it requires ductwork and a number of exhaust fans. Users are also limited in the number where he could stand so that overspray that is caught in the airstream.

Downdraft paint booths offer a plethora of cleanliness. The air flow is pulled around the objects painted and then move away from the bottom of the object. It allows the user to stand in any location in the paint booth and overspray will be trapped in the air flow.

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