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All About Forensic Science

Forensic science is the application that includes physical, medical and law-related behaviour. Scientific procedures and equipment used in investigating violations and punish the accused in court.

Experts are using different software in order to do detailed research on the crime scene. They use crime scene reconstruction software in order to trace any evidence against the culprit. If you want to know more about crime scene reconstruction software, refer to


There are many sub-disciplines in forensic science, but the most common are the physical sciences and medicine.

Of all the physics, chemistry and physics are two categories of physics that apply most forensic. Chemical analysis is important in examining the nature of the evidence trail. 

Trace evidence refers to the physical material that is very small (such as fibre cloth, hair, or broken glass) that gives the value of the evidence. Chemical analysis is also used to examine the documents in question. questioned documents are documents related to the commission of crimes. 

This terminology is many times applied to suspected counterfeiting such as counterfeit money or documents that have been altered illegally as changes in the value of the check. 

Forensic scientists such as chemist or analyst document repeatedly examined the document in the hope of identifying the type of ink or paper used to help identify the perpetrators who set the production of false documents.

Physics useful in forensics because it can be used to determine the original location of the blood spatters produced in the shooting. Physics can also be used to examine the trajectories in the murder.

For the victims of homicide, medical scientists to dig up information by performing an autopsy in the hope that evidence will appear in the bodies to help bring the perpetrators to justice.

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