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All About Freshers Party

Seniors are responsible for welcoming new blooms to the gardens. They put their best effort to make it a memorable year. You will get to meet your seniors and batch mates at the fresher's party. It's a great way for you to have fun and to interact with others.

Seniors and your classmates can make new friends at freshers parties. Seniors can help you locate the right books and critical notes. They can also offer advice about where to hang out, which faculties to approach, or other gossip about your department. This is where you should go if you are a fresher. Get ready to dance, sing, and meet new people.

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This is a chance to showcase your new shoes, and it's a great place for men to be impressed. There are many exciting events throughout the evening, including traditional, western, and ramp walk performances, stunning decoration, and exhilarating singing performances.

The seniors first organize a Pre-Fresher’s day. They also set a dress code. Positive interaction allows seniors to mix with freshers.

To all the 'born-to-be-single-people', here is a chance for you to finally ask someone out for being your fresher's date (maybe you find your soulmate for the next three months).

This is a chance to get together with all the "expeditious juniors", who already met in the first week of college, and share their relationships.

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