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All About Working Of Rotary Screw Air Compressors

The most common type of compressor used in industrial conditions is the screw compressor. There are a lot of weird ideas going around these screw compressors.

Many people believe that because their compressor is in a heated building, it is not affected by the outside air temperature. You can also visit to buy screw air compressors.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

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This is not the case because the oil cooler is often ventilated outside the building. Oil trapped in the cooler exposed to cold air can become viscous and not circulate. 

Some screw compressors have thermal or bypass valves in the oil cooling system. This helps protect the compressor parts when starting in cold weather.

Valves should be checked regularly to ensure they are functioning properly. Synthetic oil can be very helpful because it circulates more easily at lower temperatures.

In cold weather, condensation water sometimes forms in the air ducts of screw compressors. This can cause the sensor to send an incorrect signal to the computer control system for the screw compressor.

This exhaust pipe usually leads to a drainage point on the outside of the building. In cold weather, these passages can become clogged with ice, causing condensation to return to the air system.

It is common for companies not to use their screw compressors during the winter months. This is only good if the screw compressor is properly accommodated. This includes changing the oil and filter.

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