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All Inclusive Jamaica, Bahamas, and Brazil Vacation

The great thing about the all inclusive is a wide range of choice and available destinations. No matter who you are, or what your interests and budget, there are all inclusive packages that will make your dream holiday.

In addition to enjoying the famous beaches (including nude beaches) you can walk one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world; take a river boat trip to feed the crocodile; visit the plantation of sugar or rum factory; swing on ropes high above the waterfall; hike or horseback through the tropical rain forest and to track Blue Mountain; or watch the local cliff divers doing their thing. You can get to know about Jamaica tours and excursions via

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Visit the historical and cultural landmarks of Kingston, such as Bellevue House National Historic Park, Fort Henry, McIntosh Castle, Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, and Wolfe Island. And do not miss the museum of Bob Marley with respect to one of Reggae's great.

Bahamas all inclusive resorts have a very different feel from Jamaica, and offer their own special attractions.

If you are looking for a luxury beach resort with a Portuguese accent and samba beat, then you might consider all inclusive holidays to Brazil. fantastic beaches and rolling waves make Costa do Sauipe a paradise for surfers; with windsurfing, boogie boarding, and windsurfing (as well as various sports ground) you would expect in a luxury resort. The resort is located one hour's drive from the former capital of Brazil Salvador, with Spanish colonial architecture, cuisine, and traditions.

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