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An Introduction To Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is rapidly evolving into a promising form of ad visibility. There was a time when the big three (television, radio, and print) ruled the marketing world.

If you're an advertiser in the days and want to be seen, one of the three options you bet only for mass exposure. When computers came on the scene, the company soon realized the potential of new customers that they can achieve.  You can easily get the best mobile advertising services via

This has proven to be a worthy opponent for the top three. Now there is a new kid on the block – mobile advertising. It will certainly be a heavy-hitter.

One of the reasons that 'mobile' is expected to grow exponentially as the number of users or a range of customers. On a global scale, mobile phone, which is the main platform of mobile advertising, reached three times the number of users of television.

This is five times the number of computers and laptop users. There are several main types in this space. text ads via phone are the top form of mobile advertising. It is also referred to as SMS, which stands for Short Message Service. It is very popular among mobile users.

Approximately 200,000 text messages sent every second. At the end of 2010, about 6 trillion SMS messages sent. With figures like these, it is clear to see why mobile advertising will likely be a great advertising platform for advertisers. SMS advertising accounted for 90% of the revenues generated from mobile marketing globally.

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