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An Overview of Shirt & T-shirt Printing Process

Whether you're beginning your custom printing corporation or you decided to start selling custom shirts , you have to be aware of the gap between your different shirt & t-shirt printing techniques /methods. If you want to learn more about this, visit

Shirt & t-shirt printings techniques are below :

Plastisol Printing :

This procedure is common and supplies a good deal of options as it pertains to these important points competent in printing your layouts  and at the total policy of this style it may be applied to publish nearly anywhere. This printing system is exceptionally durable. Banners published with plastisol based inks can wash a range of times while retaining its authentic colour intensity and ethics of this image

Guide to Garment:

This procedure is very desirable for non volume orders as it's significantly more affordable for smaller amounts. It produces the desirable pictures on clothing by printing using inks directly on the top fabric


T-shirt Printing

Sublimation :

Sublimation is wanted for low amount requests that may be all over prints or in flighty spots on the clothing. When picking Dye Sublimation remember that it is for polyester based items as it were. Likewise remember that it is principally for white articles of clothing.

Heat Process :

This procedure is ordinarily found in shopping centers and in comfort regions where speedy and productive occupations are normal. With heat squeezing pictures are either imprinted onto an exchange paper and afterward heat squeezed onto a shirt or vinyl is cut and afterward heat squeezed onto the article of clothing. 


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