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An Overview On International Car Transport

There are a number of international car shipment services that offer vehicle transportation solutions worldwide to individuals. These companies specialize in reliable and efficient services often coming out of the main port.

Some basic options for transporting cars abroad are sent to sea containers. This container can be sent to your home and you can load it yourself. In addition, you can send your personal items automatically. For many world destinations, container services are the only option available.

Keep in mind that loading a car in a container is not easy and it is recommended to hire professionals. The oceanic container sits on the chassis about four feet above the ground, has no platform, liftgate or slope.

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Cars need to be secured, locked and secured in containers. If you choose not to pack your own ocean container yourself, your car can be sent to the warehouse of an international car company, where it will be loaded into an ocean container.

In addition, you often can only collect loss insurance if the container is packed professionally. On the brighter side, these loading costs will only be a small part of your total shipping costs. Note that you must hire a trucking company to move vehicles from your home to the warehouse of an international car company.

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