Antistatic Flooring: An Innovation for the Future.

Antistatic flooring is an innovation that is helping to reduce static electricity. Antistatic flooring not only uses the power of friction and air for the purpose of reducing static electricity, but it also comes with a warranty giving the consumer the assurance that any damage caused by the bad weather will be replaced.

What is Anti-Static Flooring?

Anti-Static Flooring is an innovative flooring system that uses water as a safe and effective anti-static agent to reduce dust, dirt, and bacteria. It is sometimes referred to as “water mopping” because it doesn’t use any chemical or even mechanical devices. The technology cannot be found anywhere else on the market today!

Why should you have an antistatic floor in your office?

If you have a busy office, with plenty of people walking over your floor, it’s important to know that the antistatic flooring  is an essential part of your office. With so much movement around the area, the flooring needs to be able to repel particles (dust and dirt) and other objects in order to keep your office clean.

Antistatic Flooring Types

One of the most common forms of anti-static flooring is namely ionized, or electrostatic. It is an innovative technology that is used in industries such as electronics and aerospace to prevent static from building up. This type of flooring uses a voltage charge to attract and hold particles at the surface of the floor.

Things to Consider When Choosing Antistatic Flooring

Antistatic flooring is the newest and most noticeable innovation in the flooring industry. As antistatic flooring has come to the forefront of the public eye, there are some things to consider when choosing an antistatic flooring solution for your facility. This includes, but is not limited to, durability, serviceability, performance, cost, and installation.