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Asbestos and Cancer with their Relationship

Newcastle asbestos removal

Asbestos is a material comprising of harmless appearance under a natural state. This material was widely used and popular in the construction industry. Moreover, asbestos was known to be found under the surface of soil and rocks. It too had many types where amphibole and chrysotile were the most popular types.

  1. Chrysotile – This asbestos type usually appears to be white in color and curly in appearance. The shape is curly when it is observed under a microscope.
  2. Amphibole – This asbestos has an appearance similar to a straight needle when observed under a microscope and also opposite to the appearance of chrysotile.

The relationship between asbestos and cancer is based on the characteristics where both offer the same. Moreover, the relationship is based on what happens when asbestos enters the body.

  1. On Swallowing – Asbestos is known to enter the body when present on the surface of food and liquid we swallow.
  2. On Inhaling – Probably the most common source for asbestos to enter our body is through the nose when present in the atmosphere. It is present in the atmosphere when asbestos is crumbled with the slightest of touches which later gets mixed with the atmosphere. Upon mixing with the atmosphere, it becomes easier for asbestos to enter our body on inhaling which later enters and accumulates on the surface of the lungs. On settling on the surface of the lungs leads to causing symptoms like breathing difficulties, chest pains which are symptoms of the respiratory system.

Due to the relationship between asbestos and cancer, you should consider asbestos removal in Newcastle from a professional asap.

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