Audio Bibles – Hear God’s Word on the Go

For as long as someone can remember we have studied God's Word. The more we explain ourselves, the more he will explain to us. It only makes sense that if we want to know God better, it's important to spend time hearing what he said. The Bible is the message to us. Is it surprising that it is the most widely read book in world history? 

This is a compilation of the writings of 40 different people, including low shepherds, stupid fishermen, and inspire saints, and spread the word of God through encouraging adventure, moving stories, beautiful poems, and giving stories of live Jesus' hopes of Christ. This is the basis for all Christian religions in the world today. You can read about the events leading to BC and AD timeline to form a dramatic link between his reign and Christ. 

8 Reasons We Don't Read the Bible - Bible Study

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With technology that continues to increase currently combined with severe crunch, we become creative in finding new ways in doing old favorites. For many of us sitting and reading the Bible is something from the past. There are only enough hours a day. With increased popularity, biblical audio quickly became one of the strongest ways to make God's words life. 

The audio Bible is a concise disc (or a series of discs), easy to play in equipment that can be found in most households and vehicles. Audio Allbles offers a unique guided tour of the historical land described throughout the Bible. Assisted by the narrator, the stories of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the following kings, the prophets, and Jesus and His disciples brought another dimension with His Holy Words.

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