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Bamboo Flooring: Secrets From A Flooring Veteran

It's not fun to have a beautiful new bamboo flooring is laid only to find in a few years cracking, warping or shrinking began to raise their ugly heads. Sometimes the cost of repair or replacement can be much more than the original flooring installation so it pays to get it right the first time. You can find more about flooring companies via

The following ten secrets have been developed during my nearly 35 years in bamboo flooring industry. What gives me more valuable knowledge, "insider" is a great work of insurance I have done for some of the largest home insurance company in Australia.

Never leave your flooring decision with a man! I know this statement sounds strange but it really has both "male" logic behind it. Surprisingly (and this changes from time to time), men do not tend to spend much time in the house is not house cleaning as compared to women. Therefore, women tend to have a much better appreciation for practicality, colors and what will or will not work with the furniture and fixtures in the house.

Not having a comprehensive assessment completed before installation! When spending the amount of money you will need to obtain a high-quality bamboo flooring is installed, you will need a thorough pre-installation assessment. Fortunately, these services are usually provided free of charge and, if not, move to another flooring company who will.


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