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Basic Bicycle Maintenance and Repair

Basic bike maintenance can be done right in your backyard or in your garage. By doing bicycle repair and bike maintenance you will not only save money and time, but you will also enjoy a relaxing activity, and, equally important, you will get to know your bike.

If you want your bike to have a better performance? Achieving this will be much easier if you follow some basic procedures that can help improve the performance of your bike and reducing the need to visit a bike shop on a regular basis.

However, just in case, if you are a novice and don't have enough knowledge of such an undertaking, it is recommended to get help from a professional. You can search for your local bicycle repair and servicing through

Keep the chain clean and lubricated

Always remember that a bicycle chain and sprocket bicycle plays an important role in ensuring a smooth transition for your legs when pedaling. Therefore you should always be kept clean because a dirty chain will slow your bike down and will also wear down faster. Also, make sure you bring all the necessary equipment with you as you ride.

It is wise to replace a bicycle chain every 1,000 miles or more. new bicycle chain is not too expensive and by doing that you can save the need to replace the other – the more expensive parts.

Had Brake Pad Regular Inspection

Brake pads are objects rubber pressing bicycle rims when you hit the brakes on your bike. By examining them, you can easily avoid any potential problems that will require extensive repairs bicycles. This basic bicycle maintenance tasks can help you get a smoother ride a bike. Just place your bike on a bike repair stand and check your bike.

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