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Basics Of Commercial Real Estate Investment

Commercial real estate investing is the natural progression of residential real estate investment. Experienced real estate investors tend to get into commercial real estate fast – and for very good reasons.

You can navigate to UPRETSif you want to invest in real estate platforms. The commercial real estate platforms or commercial buildings include offices, industrial warehouses, independent stores, medical centers, gas stations, motels, hotels, fitness centers, health clubs, and etc.

Each type of commercial real estate investment has its own particularities, strengths, problems, rewards and risks. The return on investment in commercial real estate is much higher than in residential real estate. The income is net and not gross, because the tenant pays all the expenses of exit. Income is also more stable because of long leases.

The value of a commercial building depends to a large extent on the quality of the lease. In general, the value is determined by taking the net contract rent paid and using a capitalization rate to arrive at a value. The value is also determined by the quality of the tenant and the duration of the lease.

The value of a commercial property can fall significantly if it becomes vacant. I have seen commercial properties sold at less than half their value if they are difficult to rent.

The management of commercial properties is also much simpler, as tenants have every interest in keeping the property at a high level. Tenants generally derive their income from the property. They must preserve the aesthetic appearance of the property and retain the features to impress their customers.

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