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Best Time to Travel to Thailand


Thailand is very generous towards tourists and welcomes them year-round. There is a city in Thailand that offers best suited climate for all kinds of tourists every month of the year. Being a coastal country, and laden with exotic beaches, the only weather update that causes caution is tidal frequency during monsoon. But because the weather across Thailand is a mix of moderate and humid, it is likely that travelers find a city in the country with weather conducive for a delightful holiday.

The best recommended time to visit Thailand is during November and May. Most have moderate weather and rain and beaches are safe for adults and children.  Temperature is usually high between 32 and 36oC and the sun smiles down brightly, giving the perfect reason to don your swimsuit, rub some SPF and lie down for a tan until sundown. The days are long, with up to 9 hours of sunshine, so you are likely to get all the tan that you desire. 

During January and April, the sun filled days are long and welcoming. Tourists flock the sandy beaches in largest numbers by March. Thailand’s tourism authorities find the European tourists visiting the Thai beaches owing to the extreme weather condition in Europe the first quarter of the year. Most parts of Thailand receive rains around March and October and it is then when the weather becomes unpredictable. It becomes either too warm and sunny or plain humid, dark and rainy.

So plan your trip to Thailand keeping the weather clock in mind and for comfortable stay during your visit, look for Koh Phangan Hostels.