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Best Top Load Washing Machines Reviews

Samsung has launched a new line of top loading washing machines designed to wash clothes more efficiently with less water and energy. You can also read Top-loading washers reviews through the internet.

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The SW80USP 8kg and SW75USP 7.5kg washing machines developed by Samsung have a four-star WELS rating and consume 13,000 liters of water per year, lower than the three-star WELS, the top loader of the same capacity.

The Mist Shower from Samsung has a 6.5 kg SW65USP, which is also available in 5.5 kg, and the 8.0 kg SW80USP washing machine model ensures better rinsing of laundry and saves 20 percent of water compared to conventional washing machines. This washing machine technology sprays water on the detergent which helps to dissolve and distribute the detergent in your laundry so that all clothes can be washed completely while limiting the consumption of water for rinsing.

Samsung's heaviest washing machines also have Silver Wash technology, a technology that disinfects and cleans all laundry, even with cold laundry water. With the production of 400 billion silver ions that penetrate clothes directly and cleanly like washing with hot but cold water, you ensure that you are a little more careful with delicate clothes.

The Double Storm center pulsator increases the softness and efficiency of laundry. Instead of being badly hurt by the central agitator, the jets of water generated by the washing machine gently wash the laundry in a different direction than the pulsator.

Another feature of the washing machine developed by Samsung is the Air Turbo Drying Systems, which have dual air ducts that draw air from outside the machine to remove moisture from the laundry. As a result, clothes take time to dry.

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