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Body Weight Height Chart As Nutritional Status Tracker

Nutrition is always an important factor in human life. Although almost always taken for granted, good nutrition is the key to having a satisfying and healthy life. Nutrition is related to none other than all the processes that occur between humans and the food they eat.

Good nutrition is just as important as maintaining one's health to the optimum level. Eating a classical ketogenic diet, with the right combination of foods can help a person in many healthy ways, such as maintaining a balanced energy intake and absorption, boosting the immune system and giving figures to the body.

Speaking of body shape, because food intake and energy expenditure affect a person's physical, it is important for someone to track their weight if it matches their height.

Ketogenic Ratio Tracking

For this reason, many measurement methods are designed to assess whether the individual's weight matches his height, such as height chart, anthropometric measurements and body weight, and body mass standards.

Speaking of height charts, this tool is very useful in assessing the nutritional status of individuals but especially children. This tool is usually based on body mass index, indicators or changes in body fat storage and also shows whether a person has a weight that matches his height.

Height charts are the most practical graph tools that can be used by health care providers, and even people who are not health-related but health-conscious can immediately use them because they are easy to use and understand. In most community settings, height charts are a tool used by public health nurses and nutritionists who provide home-based care, especially for children.

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