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Brief Regarding CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures are an oily form of CBD extract that contains very low levels of THC. While cannabidiol products are grown and sold in the form of oils,  vaporizers, topical creams and capsules, tincture (oil-based) is one of the most popular methods of choice.

Tinctures are CBD solutions of CBD that are extracted in an oily solution, often coconut oil or hemp, with suspected therapeutic or healing properties. 

CBD oil Tinctures are most often swallowed sublingually, meaning a certain amount of oil is placed under the tongue, where it remains for 30 seconds to a minute before being swallowed and swallowed whole.

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Sublingual ingestion allows for the rapid absorption of cannabidiol in the body, while ingesting the solution allows for a gradual, consistent, and prolonged ingestion throughout the system. 

Although tinctures are usually based on effectiveness, they tend to last longer in the body than inhalations and are better absorbed by topical products, edible products, or capsules.

Some tinctures are often made with other compounds to relieve symptoms or other specific conditions, or to increase absorption in the human body. Many commercial products only contain a mixed solution of coconut oil and CBD extract concentrate.

 CBD tinctures are made through ethanol extraction. In this procedure, the plant is dipped in an ethanol solution which dissolves the oil and separates it from the rest of the plant, then dissolves the alcohol (ethanol) from the oil. 

This concentrated oil is then added to an additional mixture, often hemp oil or coconut oil, depending on the manufacturer and preferences and the product.

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