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Canadian Immigration And Citizenship

For most immigrants, especially the developed countries, it is their hope that they become citizens of their adopted country, so they can enjoy the rights and privileges of being a citizen, including the right to vote. 

In Canada, there are strict guidelines that immigrants must meet before qualifying to become citizens. An example of this is that only immigrants who have obtained permanent resident status and who are at least 18 years can apply for citizenship. You can also take help from the certified immigration company so as to accomplish all these without any hectic.

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In addition, a permanent resident had to be resident in Canada for at least three to four years and be able to communicate in English or French. The citizenship application fee is $ 200 for adults and $ 100 for children that generally gets nearly 12 to 18 months.

Immigrants are denied citizenship if they do not meet the criteria mentioned above. Other grounds for refusal are immigrants who have had their citizenship revoked, those who have been convicted of a crime or charged with a criminal offense in the past three years, those who are studying or have been convicted of a war crime and in prison, on parole or probation.

If a request is approved, an immigrant must pass the citizenship test. If the applicant passes the test, the next step is an interview. After the interview, all that needs to be done is to wait for the ceremony when a sworn immigrant to become a citizen of Canada.

Like other countries, becoming a Canadian citizen requires that immigrants meet certain criteria and follow rigorous and strict sometimes before citizenship granted. However, if an immigrant is better aware of the measures that are essential to be taken then Canadian citizenship will be a fairly simple process.

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