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Choose The Best Color For Your LED Strips In The USA

Nowadays, RGB (Red Green Blue) is the most popular strip among  many LEDs available in the USA. Mixing these colors can create any beautiful color. For lighting design, LED strips are used to create artistic views and moods.

The RGBW lighting strip is a new technology that combines the Red and Green colors with the White color. With the rising technology, traditional sources of vibrant colorful lighting are being replaced with elegant RGBW lighting that are energy-efficient, economically viable, and simply last longer.

rgbw lighting

The RGBW LED strip is made up of two chips and are installed on the strip line and sold as RGBW strips.By utilizing RGBW lighting, the continuous strips of LED which appear like traditional neon lighting can be controlled by DMX/RDM technology, enabling them to dim, change color, cycle through colors.

The new LED chip 5050 combines all the features of the SMD5050 package chip.This means that it is not only possible to produce saturated red, green, blue and color mixes from the RGB LED’s, but one can also introduce a true color correlated temperature that matches a specific tone. 

There are many other colors than RGB strips, including cool white and warm white. For use in the office or kitchen, cool white is recommended. Warm white looks great in the living room and TV area. Natural white can be used if the area is used for reading or as a TV area.

There are many options for colors and technologies available for both LED strips and LED chips in the USA. It is important to consider the specific requirements of each application when choosing the right color.

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