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Choosing The Right Dog Boarding For Your Dog In Delhi

Need a weekend getaway? How about a resort that features limo rides about town, in-suite dining featuring char-grilled Filet Mignon lightly seasoned served with a fine place, Irish linen; spa visits and deep tissue massages and "guest rooms equipped with pleasure. Oh, you think this is a suggestion for you?

No, this is a dog boarding, I mean "pet resort" and if you have the means, it sounds like a fun place for your dog to vacation when you do the same thing. But for the rest of us, simple, clean and comfortable facilities where our dog is safe and well-cared for would be fine, but how do we know which is right boarding for our beloved pooches? How would go about finding a reliable dog boarding in Delhi?

The first place to start is to ask your veterinarian or other trustworthy animal care professional for a recommendation and then do a little research and ask a lot of questions. The state now conducts boarding kennel inspections twice a year so make sure that you select one that has issued a certificate of proof by stating that the kennel meets mandated standards.

You may also want to ask whether boarding stables belonging to the state kennel association which requires members to adhere to the code of conduct. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there is a complaint filed regarding the kennel you are considering.

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