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Choosing Your Breast Implant Size and Shape

If you have made the decision to do breast augmentation surgery, you are now faced with two important decisions; what type of material is used for implants (saline or silicone implants) and what size and shape of breast implants you want. After talking to several doctors, I found that there was absolutely no right or wrong breast size – it all depends on patient preferences.

Here are some ways we recommend choosing your breast implant size:

Look at the photos of other women's breasts and show your cosmetic surgeon. After you find a picture of a woman's chest that you think will fit your body, showing your plastic surgeon will be the best way to communicate what you want. To have breast implants in Brisbane you can visit

Try various sizes in your plastic surgeon's office. If you don't know what size breast implants fit your body, try it at your surgeon's office. You can add implants to your bra and see how it feels.

Take the rice test. Breast implants are measured by the volume of cubic centimeters in implants – not bra sizes. One thing that women need to take into account is the weight restrictions on the body that the implant has. To get a good picture of implant weight is to take a rice test. Use a measuring cup and fill the zip lock bag with rice and wear the bag in your bra.

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