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Common Lawn Weeds and How to Control Them

Constant vigilance is the best way to keep weeds under control. You should never allow the weed to flower or set seed.

1. Couch Grass – This perennial weed is found in beds and borders. It is being spread by underground stems with small fibrous roots at every joint.

It is hard to eliminate by cultivation; however, constant hoeing will exhaust the perennial root system. Remove by hand the moment you notice them. Use a fork in order to avoid cutting up the stems, because even a small part left in the soil will immediately create another plant.

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Frequent close mowing will kill off the majority of infestations in the first season. Spray with a systemic weed killer, such as one that contains glyphosate.

2. Creeping Buttercup – This spreading perennial weed is very aggressive and can take over large areas. In the lawn it creates a rosette at soil level; for this reason, it is not affected by mowing. It spreads by runners that creep along and takes root at intervals, forming new plants.

This weed is sensitive to all weed killers so it is easy to control it on the lawn. Spraying with one that contains 2,4-d, such as Verdone will eliminate this weed.

3. Daisy – This weed can stand close mowing and still flower. It is spread by seed so can colonize the lawn quickly.

They are fairly easy to eliminate because they are susceptible to weed killers and one application is typically enough to kill them. If infestations are sparse then weed them out using a hand fork known as a daisy grubber.

4. Dandelion – This perennial weed has large rosettes and a bright yellow flower head. It can stand close mowing so hand weeding typically is the best control method. However, the long taproot needs to be removed, as new plants will form from them. A long probe, the two-pronged fork is specially made for the purpose of removing them.

You can pour salt onto the center of the weed; this will kill the weed overnight; then remove it by hand. Spraying with a weed killer will also do the job.

5. Moss – This is the most troublesome weed on the lawn. It is a tiny non-flowering plant. To permanently remove it, the basic principles of good lawn maintenance must be meticulously followed. Apply a moss killer in spring and autumn.

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