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Creating a Spa Experience With Bath Tubs

Some people are happy with a simple bathtub. Others prefer a more luxurious experience and relaxed. This can be obtained even if you do not have enough space for a large whirlpool or hot tub because many retailers now offer a corner bathtub. You can get this tub sitting in size from one to three people.

This triangular tub can be purchased with our without additional features such as whirlpool (that is also known as ‘massasjebad‘) or air jets. One of the affordable options available in simple drop-in tubs is available on the simply bathtubs and is priced around $ 1,000.

The smaller version is 19 “deep and measures 48 by 48 inches. For about $ 100 you can get a two-seat version a little more in the 21” and has a slightly longer 60 by the 60-inch. For a little more money you can change this to a whirlpool tub or 16 air jets entered into. You can get these tubs in a number of colors including white, black, ice gray, biscuits, bone, sand Mexico or burn.

For those who want a lot of different color options, please Bathtub Corner Whirlpool Bathtub Dual sold in 44 different colors so you can customize any decor. The tub had 6 jets adjusted individually and the cost of $ 2,139.99. It is also quite deep in 23 inches, with sides measuring 59.75 inches respectively.

People who want a higher-end corner of the bathtub can get Le Magnifique Whirlpool Bathtubs, available from Bath Shower Store. It is 62 ½ inches with a tub 62 ½ inches come in 8 different colors (white, black, silver, linen, almonds, biscuits, bones, and blush on the innocent) and includes an in-line heater, waterfall serenity, and control digital.

For $ 6,100 you get the basic set up that includes 4 adjust-a-stream jet, 35 Aero-massage jets, 8 cluster jet, 2 RotoSwirl jet, and two Vittasage jets.

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