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Defining Different Types of Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Hydraulic hose generally uses water distribution to operate or move a piece of machinery. Hose fittings that are used in hydraulic systems that are connected to and transmit hydraulic power to other devices. Find more information about hydraulic hose fittings via

Defining Different Types of Hydraulic Hose Fittings

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Depending on the source connections, hydraulic hose fittings are classified into different categories such as O-ring, flare less, elbows, pipes, and flanges and face seal. These standard hose fittings on the machine are set by the Society of Automated Engineers (SAE).

Some of the features that distinguish different types of hose fittings are:

• O-Ring – these fittings resemble the "O" with several threads that are screwed into the pipe or hose fitting to provide a secure connection. These fittings can be male or female and can include face type seal, flat face or flange.

• Flare less – type fittings ferrule consists of a body which tightens the fitting nut and compresses the tube in a way that penetrates the outer diameter of the tube and seals it. Flare less tube types require less preparation and can withstand the pressure of approximately 3000 psi.

• Elbow – This kind of hydraulic hose fittings are available in various sizes that 45 degrees for men and women along with 37 and 90 degrees. As indicated by the name fit, both ends are connected to the hose fitting in a designated corner.

• Flanges – flanges are designed for those types of tube fittings larger than one inch in size. Torsion strength and big wrench are required to tighten the type fittings. Split-flange fittings are different because they generally use the O-ring to seal the connection.

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