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Differences Between Electric Pedal Go Karts

In the last few years, pedal cars have made great strides. There are three main options when it comes to power. Each option has its advantages depending on the purpose of the car and the child who is using it.

You have six-volt power as your first power option. Although this is the lowest available power option for an electric pedal car it does not mean that it isn't reliable. These cars are great for children younger than 5 years old who might not be able or able to control more power. These cars can be used on any hard surface and are easy to take along with you when you go to visit a friend or to the local shop. You can also buy the best and affordable electric pedal go kart via

A 12v electric pedal car is the second choice. These cars are twice as powerful and can go faster. These cars are capable of traveling between 5 and 8 mph. That's about the speed of an adult jogging. These cars are also more powerful and can go up any inclines your child may encounter. These cars are usually larger than 6v cars and may have additional features like movable seats.

The third option, rated at 24v, is the most powerful and can go some distance. These cars can reach speeds of up to 15 mph, and in many cases can seat 2 children. Most cars will have a speed limiter to prevent the car from going too fast while it is slowing down.

These cars can run on grass and gravel with no problems. They almost always come standard with features such as movable seats. These cars are ideal for older children who can handle their power. These cars are fast at 15 mph and you will find it almost impossible to stop them yourself.

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