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Digitalisation And Digital Transformation

Today we hear more often the terms digitalization, and digital transformation, which is used by IT professionals and non-IT professionals.

IT Professionals have used these terms because they are related to and are part of the latest IT technology.

While non-IT professionals use this term because the current era is a business era that is developing throughout the world, the reason is one in two people in the world prefers to start their own business briefly.

It is time to make a lot of money. Time rather than working for a limited wage and save a limited amount of money for a long period of time. To know more about the digital transformation strategy you can visit

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Therefore, non-IT professionals who do business in any field want to develop their business and generate large profits in a short time. Therefore, they are most aware of the above conditions, because they are the latest IT requirements and IT processes for the growth of every business.

The terms digitalization and digital transformation are related and almost no different. Digitalization – With digitization, information is converted from physical to digital.

This is the conversion from something that is non-digital to digital which can be used by computer systems and which automates the processes needed for results after the execution of work processes.

Digitalization enables the creation of business values that require data. This helps lay the groundwork for data-driven business use cases.

As an example:

• When we scan paper documents and save them in the form of digital documents such as PDF, MS Word, Notepad and MS Excel on a computer hard drive.

• Insert paper notes in tabular form in Excel.

• When converting analog VHS tapes to CDs or DVDs containing digital data.

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