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Do You Know How A Defense Attorney In Erie Can Help Mitigate A DUI Charge

It can not be emphasized enough if you have been arrested for a DUI, you must hire a Dui Defense lawyer. Finding experienced legal assistance can help you reduce or eliminate these charges.

All that happens during a Dui judgment and an arrest is subject to the interpretation of the law. An experienced lawyer of a professional defense attorney in Erie PA via can make reasonable doubt to the court that the conclusions of the police are accurate. Some of the common defenses of a lawyer can use to do doubt:

• That breathalyzer tests are questionable were clean equipment? Did it work properly? Was there external interference? Many tests have shown that radio frequencies can interrupt the process of a breathalyzer, which makes it possible to record higher content than it should show. These frequencies include Wi-Fi, mobile phones, and other transmission towers.

• Distribution of health conditions If the defendant has acid reflux or heartburn problems to burn his test automatically registers with higher alcohol content. In addition, if the defendant vomits before the test, the results will be higher.

• Excessive dental work If the defendant has excessive dental work or bad teeth, there may be food particles soaked in alcohol remaining in these areas leading to higher registration than they should.

• People with a high protein diet that follow a high protein fat diet are always higher on a breathalyzer test due to ketones of the system of their diet. A person who has been on this diet for a prolonged period can actually register for alcohol on his breath without having a drink.

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