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Endometriosis and Your Immune System – A Surprising Link

Controlling endometriosis with hormone therapy can be a good idea for some women, because the female hormone, estrogen, of course keeps the symptoms of endometriosis at bay. With that in mind, some research has also shown that estrogen may not be the only problem.

Some theories suggest that due to the fact that certain changes in the cells of the immune system can occur in endometriosis patients, endometriosis can be caused by a compromised immune system. You can also visit this website to know about the various facts related with endometriosis.

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Almost all women experience retrograde menstruation. This occurs when the endometrial tissue moves back through the fallopian tubes to the stomach during menstruation. Despite this fact, less than 10% of women who are menstruating usually have endometriosis.

This has led many researchers to believe that endometriosis is actually caused by a damaged immune system that allows endometriosis to develop outside the uterus after retrograde menstruation.

Those who believe that a damaged immune system may be the cause of endometriosis believe that the immune system fails to recognize and eliminate endometrial tissue that develops outside the uterus.

In contrast to the female immune system in general, which recognizes and destroys endometrial tissue caused by retrograde menstruation, the immune system of women with endometriosis appears to be underactive and even damaged in the removal of these cells.

Researchers aren't entirely sure why this happened. Some believe that women with endometriosis do not have enough natural killer (NK) cells, which are the part of the immune system that is responsible for detecting foreign invaders.

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