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Features of Electric Heating Neck Massager

Neck heating electric massage is a useful device. These shaped collar devices perform operations based on three principles: heat therapy, vibrating massage and electrical stimulation.

You can fit around your neck to relax the muscles of your neck pain. You can use the device regardless of your profession. Let us know more about it. Navigate to this website to get more information about heating neck massager.

Features of Electric Heating Neck Massager

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A heating neck massage is an ideal choice for most therapists' neck. They use the remote control to control the device. Typically, the product is 6.9 inches long, 5.7 inches wide and 2.4 inches high. It weighs only 1 lb.

Vibration mode

Offering products 6 vibration modes, which help you relax your muscles. Based on your needs, you can adjust the mode.

This device has two metal conductors to generate strong electrical impulses. Also, the conductors transmit low-frequency electrical impulses that are not dangerous. There are six levels of intensity that you can choose from. Once the increased blood flow to the muscles, you begin to feel relaxed.

Far Infra-Red

This technology is also part of the heating neck massage. The heat generated by a pair of elements of the device. And this happens because of the Far Infra-Red. When the heat gets into the muscles of your neck, you get a lot of help.


Although you can use the device to get relief from sore or strained muscles, be sure to consult with your family physician before use, especially if you are in a pacemaker. The electric impulses that act during the massage can harm you if you are in a pacemaker.

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