Get an Amazing Experience with Underwater Luminaires

You can enjoy the night swimming experience by choosing the best outdoor lighting for your pool. Outdoor lighting can also be used to illuminate your home.

If you want to be able to swim in your pool at night, lighting is essential. We need to choose the best underwater luminaire for your pool.

  • Halogen

The efficient light bulb, halogen lamps, produce light using electricity. These lights can be used for filming, but they are also used in commercial and residential lighting. They are lightweight and portable, can be quickly started up, and do not need to be heated up. Halogen lamps have a short operating life and can heat up to high temperatures. They also are more sensitive to vibration than other types of lamps. The luminous flux in halogen lamps is less intense than those of other types. A halogen lamp is not suitable to be used underwater.

  • LED

The Underwater luminaire for swimming pool are a game-changer. LEDs don’t have a filament and are tiny light-producing semiconductors. To keep them cool and prolong their useful life, they have heat sinks. Because of the improvement in luminous efficacy (conversion from electricity into light), wattage is now less important than how much light the lamp can provide.

Although underwater lighting is popular due to the above reasons, it ultimately depends on the requirements of the end-users when specifying outdoor lighting for swimming pools.

LIGMAN has a variety of contemporary, miniature underwater luminaires. Perfectly designed for maximum performance.