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Getting Great Results In H2 Chemistry With Online H2 Chemistry Classes In Singapore

Scoring excellent results at Level A requires both memorization and a good understanding of the subject matter. While some questions can only be correctly answered by studying basic concepts, others require the application of these concepts to properly solve scientific problems.

H2 chemistry tuition center in Singapore always focus on practical and logical applications of the chemistry curriculum. Their small classes, clear explanations, and intense focus on building a scientific foundation can help in conquering P1.

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During the class, students are invited to present their work via WhatsApp. Submissions are prepared for discussion or marked by the teacher at the location. This not only makes the classroom more interesting, it also allows us to see common mistakes students make. 

Students take part in lively discussions via the chat function in Zoom. At first, this was not possible in the classroom, but now more students are daring to "talk." All lessons are also recorded and students can watch them in class.

To make the learning process easier, they've put together a list of practical tips and suggestions that anyone in P1 can follow.

Always review the entire test before answering a specific question

The best thing to do after an exam is to double-check all the questions. Take a few minutes to get a better idea of what to expect and the main challenges the test subject will pose.

By thoroughly investigating the test, you can quickly answer the questions you know about. Once removed, the remaining time can be used to focus on science and related issues that you find difficult.

Try the hard jump-to-start technique

Take a few minutes and if during that time you can't come up with the right answer, move on to simpler problems that you can solve quickly.


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