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GMC MultiPro: What You Get

The MultiPro tailgate contains six different usage configurations. MultiPro tailgate consists of three components: the primary tailgate, the smaller integrated secondary tailgate that is attached to the main door, and the stop/load ladder. 

We'll look at the different configurations and provide an overview of these features. You can also navigate to tailgatefix to get the services for your GMC multipro tailgate.

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Main tailgate

We all know how to open the standard tailgate. Instead of the usual bolt handle, the MultiPro tailgate is a weatherproof button. You can also remotely open the main tailgate with a keychain. The main tailgate is available in two sizes: 70 "or 80".

The Load stop

As soon as the main tailgate is down, the integrated load stop plate can be turned upwards. This prevents items that exceed the normal bed limit from being left behind by your truck. The stopping load is estimated at 375 pounds.

Secondary tailgate

Established into half of the primary tailgate is a tinier tailgate that opens and wraps away from the truck bed in the same direction as the primary. The secondary tailgate either starts when the primary tailgate is up, or it drops away when the primary tailgate is opened.

The obvious difference is that anything protruding above the bed is limited by the size of the secondary tailgate. Opposed to the primary tailgate, the secondary tailgate is 49.5 inches wide, in contrast to the main 59-inch door. 

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