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Guide To Renting A Motorcycle In Tel Aviv

Always make sure to compare motorcycles, i.e. motorcycle model, equipment, mileage allowance, insurance, breakdown cover, and additional services such as delivery and opening hours for pick-up and return.

Basically, renting a motorbike through motorcycle rental agencies depends on the operating costs of the motorbike, i.e. depreciation, insurance, service intervals, tire consumption, and the price of spare parts.

Questions to ask:

Who services the rental motorcycles?

Safety comes first when riding a motorcycle. For this reason, our motorcycles are serviced by authorized dealers. This rental company adheres to the manufacturer's highest maintenance standards and spares no expense in keeping our rental motorbikes in tip-top condition at all times.

How old is the bike?

To provide the first-class service, Motorbike Trip only offers the latest models. Motorcycle rental covers a large distance for a short time. Renting a motorbike long distance isn't always bad as long as it's cared for properly.

What does the insurance cover?

Liability insurance is mandatory and covers damage to others. These companies usually do not offer theft insurance if the motorcycle is stolen.

What happens in case of a breakdown?

Remember to find out which countries or cities are covered. Also, make sure that what help will be provided if there is any case of breakdown arises. Motorcycle rental companies can provide all these types of facilities. 

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