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Home Exchange Vacations: Managing The Risks

You can enjoy a convenient and affordable vacation by swapping your house for a home. There are hundreds of websites offering them, with thousands of satisfied customers. However, the potential for theft, damage, insurance and even squatters when house swapping is done online can be a concern to the uninitiated. 

Most house swap companies will tell you that such problems are rare, and probably quite honestly. If you want to manage your risk then you should choose Home Exchange and enjoy your vacation at affordable prices.

Selecting the right website/company

This isn't usually an issue as house swap holidays work very easily, so there are less chances of running into inefficient businesses. While it is possible to reduce risk by choosing a well-established company with a lot of listings, you should not overlook smaller operations that might be more suitable for your needs. 

Problems and legal issues

All house exchange companies, regardless of how many listings they have or how new they are, will require you to agree to their Terms & Conditions or accept liability. While some companies may offer contracts to be signed when you are involved in a house swap, a lawyer will tell you that these agreements are a promise of goodwill and not a legally binding document.

Insurance questions

House exchanges that involve a direct swap or non-simultaneous exchanges do not pay the property owner any money to let people live in their home. This prevents you from having to deal with income tax, subletting, and other problems. Your Contents Policy should protect you against accidental damage, loss or other damage if the guests are invited to your home.

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