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How Important Netgear Genie & Mywifiext Is For Netgear Extender Installation?

In order to enjoy fast and seamless internet in the rooms where you were not able to access the internet in the past, you need to get a Wi-Fi extender. Out of all the options that you see on the market, Netgear Wi-Fi Extenders are arguably the best because of their sturdy design, amazing features, and coverage area. If you are looking to buy an extender for your house or office, then don’t look beyond the Netgear Wi-Fi extender, as it is simply the best.

When it comes to installing Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender, you will have to configure it with your existing router, so make sure both devices are placed close to one another. Once you are done making the physical connections between the extender and router, it’s time to move onto the web interface of the extender. It is very important for you to know that the extender can’t be installed until you take care of Netgear Genie smart setup. If you don’t know what Netgear Genie is, then it is software that is responsible for managing and controlling everything on your extender. Without this app, using Netgear Extender will be very difficult.

To configure your extender, you also need to visit mywifiext smart setup, which is the local web address, where you will have to register your extender. If you are unable to access this website or can’t remember your login details, then don’t worry. You can retrieve all the information by getting in touch with experts. But, make sure to save your extender’s details on this particular website or else, you won’t be able to access the internet at home or office. In case, you are experiencing slow internet speeds or intermittent connection loss, then that means, your extender hasn’t been properly installed and configured, so consult experts to know the exact steps for configuration and installation of the extender.

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