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How Saber Milk sensors benefits Your farm

Saber Sensor Milk is a must-have if you want to get the most out of your flock. With live results for: yield, fat, protein, lactose, and conductivity as well as monitoring the performance of the plant, it was like having tests milk every day without the hassle and cost.

You can install the sensor through

When you buy milk Saber, you'll enjoy the following features on your phone / tablet or through a flock identification system that is:

  • Milk volume (liters) and milk solids (fat and protein) measurements
  • measurement of lactose
  • Indication of mastitis through conductivity measurements and other methods
  • Blocked air intake alert
  • monitoring washing plant
  • The ability to add-on other modules Saber
  • Saber working with rotary and herringbone shed and with or without an electronic animal identification system *.
  • Depending on the system.
  • Saber Yield

How Saber will benefit your farm:

accurate information and real time are recorded each individual dairy cows for yield, fat, protein, lactose and conductivity. Saber Milk also provides important information about the performance of plant equipment.

Until now way to get the right production for each cow is to test the milk. It is consuming, expensive and exhausting time. Now there is a way that is simpler and more robust. Analysis 6 in 1 Milk Milk Saber correct sensor.

Improved herd management

Saber milk of data at your fingertips, and powerful reporting, you can make better decisions extermination through timely identification of cows producing low. Make sure your herd has only the best animals.

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