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How to Address Reassurance-Seeking in Your Child

Some children are more prone to nervousness than others, often because they are more physiologically responsive to a situation and because they do not yet have the skills to interact with other children their age to help them lower their feelings.

However, there are ways to help even very young children deal with their feelings of anxiety. Stress-free sleeping also plays an inevitable role here. So, yoga-guided meditation could be beneficial for kids where Awakened Mind can come into the field to help children in providing the same.

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How to deal with the situation:

• Observe your own reactions to scary situations. We all know what kids and preschoolers look like to know what their answer should be.

Older kids also take their grades from us. Learn to calm down each day and be as friendly as possible, and you'll also reduce your children's nervousness.

• Give choice and encourage self-control. Children who feel responsible for various areas of their lives are generally less likely to feel weak, and constant helplessness is an integral part of general nervousness.

Encouraging even small steps to make and track decisions contributes relentlessly to a sense of control and security in the environment.

• Create the desired combination. It entertains children when their lives follow the expected schedule.

This doesn't mean you're firm no matter what, but if bedtime and bath, wake-up, and dinner usually follow a certain routine, most kids will be comfortable.

However, don't let young children find out too soon. Your time holding can cause more nervousness if the future situation under discussion is mentioned too far in advance.

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