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How To Become A Successful Local Marketing Expert

market expertSo how well known do you need to be in order to be a successful local marketing expert?

It's a question that lingers in the backs of all marketing minds, and a question that isn't easily answered. But it is a problem that can be easily solved.

I'll keep it short and sweet, a list of things you can do to increase public awareness of your brand name.

Create Your Own Product

Now of course this is going to be one of the most effective ways to get your name out there. Perception plays a big role in our internet marketing careers, and if you've released your own product, you're perceived as a knowledgeable person in your field.

So many people have a huge misconception about creating a product. Let me try to hammer something home:

Your don't have to do it yourself! You don't even need to know the first thing about the subject you want to create your product for. You'd be surprised how many people simply ask others to contribute to their product, and more often than not, they graciously accept.

I'm talking the really big names…they didn't start off big, they had help. So why wouldn't many of them be willing to help out the rest of us? You never know until you ask…the worst thing you'll hear is nothing or a no. But isn't it worth a shot if it could mean the difference in your marketing career?

Send Product Owners a Testimonial If You Enjoyed Their Product

How can this help raise awareness of you and your brand?

Well, if it's a good product, it will find it's way in front of thousands of other eyes. Just imagine what happens when your name (and possibly website address) appears next to a truly worthwhile product.

The results are astounding. Not only might you find yourself getting a few free visitors here and there, but you also notice that people start to recognize your name as someone who's constantly trying new things, and only lending your name to things that are good.

Don't go out and write a testimonial for every product or program you've ever used. Use a little common sense. If it was something you didn't like, or just didn't do what it said it would, why would you risk your name and brand on it?

Write Articles and Get Them Seen

This one sounds simple enough, but it can be one of the trickiest ones out there.

First, you want to make absolutely sure that your articles will be read. Doing tons of writing, and not having an article read really just ends up wasting your time. So make sure your article touches a subject that everyone could use more knowledge about. Also consider doing some local seo.

Like what? Let's say you're interested in internet marketing…obvious choices that always do well are things like list building and getting more targeted traffic. You can't go wrong there.

Just keep in mind to make your articles unique to yourself. Stand out from everyone else, and you're sure to at least have a few loyal followers.

To get your article included in other newsletters isn't too difficult. Simply approach a newsletter publisher (one who's newsletter would be a good fit for your article) with sincereity and a genuine attitude.

Don't beg for your article to be included, but at the same time, don't be over confident (or vain) and expect them to publish your article because it's the best ever written.

Having knowledge about the publisher is always a good thing as well. For example, being a subscriber for a long time, and having enjoyed past issues….knowing their first name. They've established their relationship with you, but this may be the first time they actually hear from you and get to find out who you really are. First impressions can't be changed, so make it good!

The Obvious…Having Your Own Quality Publication

This is probably THE hardest one out of everything I've suggested thus far. It's tedious, requires a lot of work and also takes some patience.

Building up your subscriber count can sometimes seem like a chore that just can't be accomplished. Many people who try, end up getting stuck in a rut. They're unable to think outside of the box and have the help of others to build up subscribers.

It's hard, but it can also be a lot of fun. You'll meet some really great people from all over the world.

Just remember, don't ever become too stationary. There's always a way to improve the number of subscribers, and there's always room to improve your newsletter to make it the best possible experience for your readers.

Don't do it looking for money…if you do, you may get disheartened when you realize that owning a newsletter isn't as profitable as many make it out to be. Back in the days of paid newsletters, it wasn't uncommon for a publisher to make a few thousand dollars just from their newsletter. You probably won't see that very often anymore.

I'd like to make a suggestion to you if I may. Don't do anything with the only reason being to make money. If you do, you're putting a ton of pressure on yourself, and the project you choose to take on.

Instead, remember to take a few things away from each thing you do, successful or not.

Make sure you learn something. Either way you go, you absolutely must learn something from your experience.

If it was a good experience, try to think of ways you might be able to make it a little better the next time around.

If it was a bad one, try to figure out why it was bad. Ask others (subscribers or consumers….other publishers) what they think was wrong with your idea, and if they have any suggestions about what you can do to improve upon it next time.

Have fun! While this may be a full time job for some, part time for others, and a hobby for the rest, as long as you have a little bit of fun, everything tends to work out in the end. And if it doesn't…at least you had a little fun along the way!

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