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How To Choose A Puzzle At The Right Difficulty Level For Your Child?

The jigsaw puzzles and other children’s wooden toys can be an excellent tool to develop their problem-solving skills and improve their brain function. When children and toddlers play with wooden toys children, they are having fun while at the same time they exercise their cognitive thinking skills to figure out how the pieces fit together.

However, when you buy children’s wooden toys such as puzzles for your children, it is important to choose the puzzle at the right level difficultly. You can also purchase jigsaw puzzles online for your kids.

If the puzzles are too easy, your child will quickly become bored and will be challenged to improve their skills. If a puzzle is too difficult, your child will become frustrated and will not have a satisfying feeling to achieve it.

Often when buying children’s toys, you will notice that there is an age range recommended on the box, such as “Ages 3-5” or “Ages 10 and Up”. This is a good guideline to get you started but it is important to remember that these are guidelines only average.

Some children are more advanced than others and no longer than 6 years may be sophisticated enough to solve the puzzle that was designed for 10 years. You know your child best, and so you will be able to know whether the guidelines apply to their age or not. Look at how many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle shows to get a general idea of the level of difficulty.

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