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How To Do Windows XP Repair?

Many people do Windows XP repair when they have tried various ways to resolve some issues and failed.

2 things can be done at this point, one logical thing to do is to restore XP to its original state and the next is to use registry cleaner to remove Windows errors with registry scan and cleanup without losing precious data and having to reinstall programs. You can find more information about windows pc repair online.

windows pc repair

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Let's do a checklist to make sure you are on the safe side.

Firstly, back up your files before a Windows XP repair. Pay special attention to those files residing in your C drive for example those in "My Documents", "Favorites" or your bookmarks in Internet Explorer which can be found in C:Documents and SettingsFavorites and any files on the desktop.

Finally, you should also backup any files on another hard drive or partitions. Save them onto an external HDD or a thumb drive. You can burn the files to DVD as well.

Next, get ready your Windows Product Key just in case. You should not need this for a smooth Windows XP repair though.

Lastly, some vendors provide 2 types of CDs or DVDs, one for a total recovery of the desktop or laptop (which means it is a total cleanup and reformats of your system) and the other is Windows XP CD or DVD.

If you do not have an XP disk and only have the recovery disk, your only option is to borrow the XP CD from someone else running a similar XP OS (whether it is Pro, Home, SP1, or SP2).

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