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How to Draw a Manga Illustration

Manga is another word for Japanese comics. While Americans may know it's one of the newer fads of the centuries, Manga has been an important part of Japanese culture for years, generating billions of dollars in revenue. You can also find Mangas and webcomics through various online sites.

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From kid-friendly Pokémon to the more mature and dramatic getaway, there's something for every age group and path in life that covers many topics: romance, action, comedy, and adventure. This is what makes Manga so popular and why many people want to create their own Manga illustrations. For an easy how-to guide to drawing a proper Manga, follow the steps below.

1. Have supplies on hand. Before you sit down and get started, you'll need to make sure you have all the supplies you'll need for a successful Manga drawing lesson. Since art supplies can be pricey, and you'll erase a little at first, practice drawing on white all-purpose paper, using plenty of No. 2 pencils. A ruler, eraser, and sketchpad will come in handy, too.

2. Recognize basic shapes. The key to building accurate Manga learning and drawing is to get the head shape right. Being the hardest part of the figure, the head is crucial and may require most of the time you need to spend. It can be helpful to purchase a Manga drawing book from a local book store or from an online tutorial. Practice drawing balls, cones, cubes, and cylinders.

3. Start with an oval. Once you have a basic understanding of the supplies you'll need and the shapes you'll draw, you can get ready, ready, and paint! Here is our strategy for an easy step-by-step plan for a successful manga drawing. First, start by drawing an oval for the head. Define the shape by connecting a simple skeletal line to the body, making sure that it is 6-7 vertices long. Then start adding cylindrical body shapes for the arms, legs, shoulders, muscles, and joints. Finally, connect the joints by adding facial features and other subtle details.


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