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How to Pick Your Perfect Cannabis Seed

Growing plants without using soil are called greenhouse hydroponic horticulture. The roots are usually supported by gravel or other material. The plants are then fed a nutrient-rich aqueous solution because the plants do not get nutrients from the soil as they would in traditional gardening.

This technique has been in the commercial industry for many years, although home gardeners have recently turned to their type of plant and vegetable gardening. If this has worked for you, this article provides a quick overview of  advanced greenhouse fertigation systems at the Fertigation Manager and the benefits it offers.

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how is it done?

This type of gardening is usually done in a greenhouse because one can maintain the ideal climate and conditions for plant growth. Greenhouses do not have to be large, they are used commercially, which usually comes first. Homeowners who wish to try a hydroponic garden in a greenhouse can purchase a small greenhouse for this purpose. It is also possible to build your own custom greenhouse. 

Greenhouse hydroponics can extend the growing season, especially if you live in an area that is typically cooler.

When setting up your new garden system, you can start by purchasing one of the many sets available. Kits are a good choice for beginners, but they are expensive. You can save money by building your own system, sometimes using items you may already have.

The plant container contains the growth medium you have selected. Usually, this planting medium is gravel. The plant then grows on the gravel and uses the rock as support for roots and stems. Plants still need to be supplied with nutrients because they cannot absorb them from the gravel.

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