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How to Understand, Motivate, and Reward Your Multi-Generation Team Members at Your Company

Older value generations received handwritten notes. As an employer, you have to give gifts, badges, and money as incentives. This generation wants to continue to learn and develop.

So keep sending the employees for courses so they can work smarter and save time. For more information about multi-generational training, you can survey in your near places.

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Baby boomers are a workaholic generation. They are used to working long hours for their career. Baby boomers grew during the Civil Rights Movement, the assassination of President Kennedy, and the Vietnam War.

Baby Boomers want their feedback in person and want written implementation documents to support their work. They want to be judged and they get it in writing.

Baby boomers want to be given money. You have a loan and credit card to pay back. If your company runs out of money, give them a promotion and get to know them at a ceremony in front of other employees.

Baby boomers want to keep learning and growing. So keep sending them to courses so they can work smarter and keep working and growing. Due to the current economic times, the baby boomer generation will not retire.

Generation X, children with locks are used to working independently. They are between 36 and 47 years old and born between 1965 and 1981.

Many of their parents divorced with two families of income because both parents worked. These children are accustomed to going home and doing homework and doing their chores without being asked.

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