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Information about Commercial HVAC Inspection

Whether your company has a maintenance staff in place or outsources company to manage HVAC your building, it is important to have regular inspections to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers. You can check out the best HVAC Company in Long Island online.

Keeping on schedule ensures preventative maintenance will keep your air system and fan operating at an optimum level throughout the year. If you find responsibility for your commercial HVAC systems is changing hands, however, here is a list of some things to look for if you know everything is inspected.

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1) Filters and belts – Your employees and customers need to operate in a clean, clear, and when the air filters and belts begin to wear, the atmosphere in your office or store can be compromised. Regular inspection of these components can let you know if anything needs to be replaced before they become too damaged to function.

2) Coils – It is important to ensure that all coils are free of debris so that they work properly. The accumulation of dust and particles over time could damage your equipment and cause problems down the road you need to replace units before their time.

3) Calibration – When you set the temperature control to a certain level, you want to cool or heat the air to reflect the settings. Calibration ensures that what you set is literally what you get.

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