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Know About BI Reporting Considerations

Not all BI reporting solutions are made the same. The following are the top three factors to consider before investing in a reporting solution and template.

1. Easy to use –

Data analysis should not be difficult, but many BI reporting solutions are rather difficult to use from start to finish. If this is your first time looking for business intelligence opportunities, you may need an outside consultant to help you understand the information available.

After you choose a solution, you might need a team of IT professionals to plan, deploy, and configure it. From there, your management team may need extensive training on how to use data visualization software. To analyze business data for insight, you can also choose business intelligence reporting at

Additionally, every time you need a special report, you might need to enable IT to design and configure it.

Fortunately, not all of these solutions are very complex. Look for solutions that don't require expert help at every step. For example, by choosing a web-based data visualization software, you can avoid many of these problems while offering amazing features and benefits.

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2. Data connection –

Then think about how the data visualization software can access your data. Do you need an OLAP server and a sophisticated database management system? Is it limited to data stored in your data warehouse or can it be linked to several data sources?

Do you need a special database administrator to manage access? User-friendliness also plays a role here. At the same time, you must ensure that security measures are available so that only those who have access to certain data can do so.

3. Types of BI reports available –

Another important consideration is the actual type of business intelligence report offered by the solution. Most data visualization software has built-in reports and reporting tools for creating your own reports. Ad hoc reporting is also an option. Each type of report has its place.

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