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Know About Commercial Air Conditioner Parts and Functions

Commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems distribute compressed gas in the closed cooling system are "split" for cooling and air condition. Air from the outside is the most frequently used for the refrigerant to be cooled and condensed.

In a modified air system, a circulating blower mounted inside the air conditioning unit through a channel. It is then distributed to the room where the cold temperatures are required. You can find the airways under the ceiling or in the room, or in the attic. If you are looking for specialist commercial air conditioning then you can explore various web sources.

A fan draws air from the outside mounted unit and pulled back into the system to cool and condense the refrigerant.

The main parts and functions within the commercial AC include:

1. Compressor (outdoors)

There is more than one kind of Compressor. Consumer reports studies showed that reciprocating compressors are more prone to problems than other types of scroll compressors. In terms of price, then proved to be more expensive but higher in efficiency and quiet motor running.

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2. Fan (outdoors)

The outdoor fan draws air through the condenser coils for heat dissipation.

3. Evaporator (Indoor)

The evaporator consists of a network of tubes. This tube is filled with a refrigerant.

4. Air filter (Indoors)

Health and performance of the air conditioning are partly responsible for the air filter. Air filters have elements that trap dust, pollen, and other airborne particles as the air moves through the commercial air conditioning unit.

5. Drainage Systems and pan

The air conditioner accumulates large amounts of water as a byproduct of the normal condensation process. In the A / C system center, there is a major pipeline system, often made of PVC, which brought this condensate water out of the building.

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