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Know About Spray Booths

An airbrush paint booth and filtration unit – often referred to as an extraction unit, is a vital piece of safety equipment to be used when doing airbrushing.

A paint booth has two main functions. First to provide an environment that prevents any dirt coming into the area where you work which will stop your work to get ruined. You can get top-quality downdraft spray booths at

Secondly and more importantly, a filtration unit and extraction are designed to prevent inhalation of fumes that could be potentially harmful and carcinogenic hazards have and potential to damage the nervous system and respiratory system.

A spray booth also reduces the risk of fire and explosion, as vapors of substances used are highly flammable.

Components of a spray booth

A painting booth is a cabinet unit, which has an extraction fan and filters that remove and absorb harmful airbrush paint particles.

The filters are constructed either in or purchased separately which means they can be easily replaced. Paint booths come in a variety of sizes – from workbenches that are in degrees that are designed for spray tanning.

Booths absorb extraction and filtration unit, dilute and disperse harmful effects on spray paint something occurs when using an airbrush, which means that the area is safe for you and your family. This is also better for the environment due to the toxicity of the fumes is reduced.

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